A.K.A. Pella’s “V”
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A.K.A. Pella — V
Release date : May. 01, 2012
Label : Sameach Music
  1. Kulam Ahuvim Telephone
  2. The TGIF Medley II
  3. Moves Like Nilli Milli
  4. 7th Heaven
  5. Tick Tock
  6. Moshiach / Moshiach
  7. No Lyrics
  8. Pruz Control
  9. Birchos Avicha / Birchas Habanim
  10. Ya'alili
  11. Areivim
  12. No Lyrics (Alternative Old School 90s Version)
  13. Cutting Room Floor / Outtakes




Yitzy’s Credits:
Tracks 3, 13 – Lead Vocals
Tracks 3, 6 – Background Vocals



The new album from A.K.A. Pella – A.K.A. Pella V – is finally here! You want details? What more can we say that hasn’t already been said. They do their own version of the worldwide craze “Ya’alili” highlighting in hilarious and typical “cutting edge” A.K.A.Pella fashion some of the more well known and laugh out loud differences within the cultures of Ashkenaz and Sefard. It has been said that for this song alone it would be worth it to buy the CD………. but there so much here to talk about it’s difficult to cram it all in to this tiny little paragraph. Five of the songs on this non stop, “somebody pinch me, I can’t believe this is acappella!” feature medleys(containing more than 1 song), each one with a unique chap or twist that tie all the songs together.

For example, for the TGIF Medley II,(all songs dedicated to different parts of Shabbos), A.K.A Pella uses 4 of the hottest songs out there today that will completely transfix you once you hear the first series of “drum” and insanely rhythmic “guitar” beats. This song sucks you in and is so positively catchy it is addicting and we guarantee you will be listening to the entire song (and especially the aishes chayil portion of the song) again and again and again……………….. and again. With each track arguably better than the next you will be hard pressed to choose a favorite. And to add to the craziness, they have done something unprecedented on a Jewish music CD……….. outtakes! As well some hilarious bonus material that didn’t quite make it onto the album but that they still included for you to enjoy.