A.K.A. Pella’s “2012 – The Year In Review”
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A.K.A. Pella — 2012 - The Year In Review
Release date : Apr. 04, 2013
Label : Sameach Music
  1. Yesh Tikva
  2. Cheery Bum Whistle
  3. Heyma
  4. Everything But The Kitchen Sink
  5. TGIF 3
  6. Gummy Bear
  7. Cry No More
  8. Halayla aka
  9. Siman Tov
  10. Hang Up The Payphone
  11. Happy Chanukah (Style)
  12. Cutting Room Floor / Outtakes
  13. Gummy Bear 2.0


Yitzy’s Credits:

Track 1: Background Vocals
Track 4: Guest Vocalist
Track 7: Featured Vocalist, Background Vocals
Track 10: Featured Vocalist, Background Vocals



A.K.A. Pella proudly presents its 6th acappella CD, “2012: The Year in Review”! 2012 was a big year for Jewish music, featuring many big releases and a number of mega hit songs that made their mark on Jewish music lovers everywhere. Now, Jewish music lovers unite, and get ready for an all out non-stop presentation of the years’ biggest hits (and maybe some that you may never have even heard before) with yes……. those signature A.K.A. Pella twists and turns which never cease to amaze. All the hits, all the top songs are here, featuring some new sets of amazing song combos, fantastically creative medleys, stunning harmonies and incredible voices. Featuring songs from Yaakov Schwekey, Avraham Fried, Lipa, 8th Day, break out sensations Shloime Taussig and Shauly Waldner, and yes of course the most popular song of the year, Benny Friedman’s Yesh Tikvah! Fasten your seat belt folks, you’re in for a ride!